Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recycled Candle Holders for a Gold Theme Wedding

Turning the used into something beautiful is easier than you think.

Try this idea for turning used jars into sparkling candle holders.

What you will need:

Clean used jars
Gold acrylic paint
Gold glitter

Step One

Paint the jars.  You can do just one or a lot of coats. the amount of light that shows through will change accordingly.  I also painted on glue and did a few without the gold paint.  In the end I liked these the most, as more light came through.

Step Two

While the paint is still wet sprinkle on the glitter.

Step Three
When dry use the glue to adhere lace, or what ever adornment you like to the top of the jar.


And it's done.  Super easy and very effective.
You can do all of this yourself, or if you would like some help we can supply the completed jars in a range of colours from $5 each, depending on the lace preferred.  Email us to find out more.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Naturally Lacy Centrepieces

Looking for a natural, organic theme that easy to do, and costs very little?

Try this.

Using native Australian flowers with a mix of natural twine and recycled bottles.

What you need
Used Wine Bottle, other bottles or jars.

Step one
Remove the labels from the bottles or jars, and wash well.

Step two
Use PVC glue to adhere the twine.  Start at the bottom, and slowly work up.

Because the glue dries clear you don't have to worry about being to precise. Just keep the twine close together without overlapping it.

Step three
Glue the lace around the bottle.  I like the raw feel, so have placed them at different heights on the bottles, but you could have them in the same place.  You could also mix up the lace, or use another fabric.  So many choices.

I also used a few clear bottles with just lace to contrast against the brown.

Add some native flowers, which last for ages, and look great too.

And voila that it.

Easy and a great excuse to have to collect wine bottles.

Add some kraft paper invitations and wedding stationery to continue the theme from start to finish.

You can do all of this yourself, or if you would like some help we can supply finished bottles from $5 each, depending on the lace preferred. Email us to find out more