Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modern Invitations for the Modern Bride

Modern wedding stationery can be simple, yet stylish.
Here Emma & Ethan decided on bright colours to match their gorgeous waterview venue, and their vibrant personalities.  Many couples are opting for a less traditional take on invitations, expecially for a reception like theirs with cocktails and dancing. The theme takes its inspiration from the amazing view at the venue - fun, surf and sand.

{Top Tip}
When inviting guests with children it is a good idea to specify if you are inviting the whole family. Children at a wedding can be a tricky social etiquette dilemma. If you invite one do you have to invite all? Emma & Ethan had an age limit (over 5s only) but I guess it depends on your family dynamics. In this case when all of the family were invited the invitations read - The Smith Family, and when it was just certain they read - Francis, Keith & Francis.

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