Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Colour - a difficult choice or not?

I guess you're either a "theme" person or you're not. If you are, I'm sure one of the first choices you will have made in your wedding plans will have been a colour scheme for your big day.  It may be bright, it may be pastel, but whatever it is you're going to stick with it all the way through and not give a second glance at alternatives. That usually makes it much easier for me when designing your stationery :-)

On the other hand, if you're not so big on themes, deciding on a colour scheme can be difficult as you are presented with so many different options as you progress through your planning and all of them just look great don't they! 

When we undertake your bespoke design we will show different concepts with colour, as well as design so you can make a confident choice. The concept below uses the same colours, but with totally different effects.  As part of the process we go through with you, you are able to envision the final product so you know you will be completely happy when you receive the finished artwork or gorgeous invitations ready to post.

Call or email us to talk about your special day, and how we can make your stationery reflect your plans.

Ornamental Invitation Taupe/Maroon

Ornamental Invitation Maroon/Taupe

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